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i don’t want to look at this anymore uGH

pose ref

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wow, suddenly i’m over 500 followers??!?! thank you so much, you guys! i know that to many people, that isn’t such a big number, but it still kind of weirds me out that so many other individuals like what i like and what i draw. so…yeah! thanks!

i figured that the people who sent me over 500 were perico fans so i drew some genderbends ouo

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this stopped working after the first time Percy tried it

used this beautiful comic and viria’s beautiful ponytail!Nico. check both out if you haven’t already!

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he never should have shown Nico that movie

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i’m not entirely sure about everything that happened to him but i just want this sad boy to be happy

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i just have a lot of Dana feelings??

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i just now realized that i forgot Jason’s scar

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what do you mean this isn’t blood of olympus?

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marceline still has a hard time with the clasps sometimes

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this has probably been done so many times already but oh well

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